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Anti-War Collection

This collection has been created to be a stark reminder that no one should die in a conflict they didn't choose. We are remembering what is most important. Peace. Freedom. Safety. Humanity. Having a Home.

We believe every life matters and everyone should be able to have a safe home and live without fear of it being taken away. During times of conflict once the cameras, the media and the limelight are gone, what is often forgotten is the aftermath of the devastation that occurs. 

With the violent events that have occurred this past year in Palestine, Afghanistan and the rest of the world, (in the midst of the pandemic) it was imperative we did our part in these helpless situations and live by our core value CARE, caring for others as well as ourselves. There is no better way to create awareness of a situation other than by bringing it closer to home.

This is why 100% of the Anti-War Collection profits will go to support UNICEF, Action Aid and IRC (International Rescue Committee) efforts that are directly on the ground, in these war-torn countries & countries under occupation.

All the candles, melts & diffusers are designed to be comforting but also evoke emotion. While the packaging was created to be simple and effective. The goal is to raise awareness and inspire conversation surrounding this multi-faceted topic, all whilst it being a beautiful addition to your home.

Be part of our campaign against war with this Anti-War Collection. Not only will you be giving back and making an impact to the vulnerable children who are at the heart of these conflicts, but your candles will bring peace into your home or equally make a great gift!.

Anti-War Collection