Our Values

ZEN - Reflects at the heart of what we want to do, restore inner peace and balance. We want all our products to unlock a moment of zen everyday to your wellbeing.

ETHICAL - We want to make a positive difference, how we operate and what we do for others. Running an honest business means everything, we don’t cut corners and we’ll try to do what we say..every time.

MIND - To take effective care of the mind daily by keeping it motivated and uplifted. We put mental health and happiness first. Every mind matters, self-care is key in taking care of our Mental Wealth. 

KNOWLEDGE - Underpinned by our desire to continuously learn and to share our experience generously with you! As a small business, we want to share our growth and what we learn. 

CARE - We unquestionably care about others & the planet we live in. It's our middle name because giving back is our core, from creating products sustainably to ensuring every product sold makes a difference through its donations.