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Free Palestine Candle - Charity Candle


Let's briefly talk about Palestine.. It is a country that has seen oppression and is still an oppressed state for 73 years. Gaza is known to be the world's largest open-air prison, with blockades at every junction. The recent events that have unfolded in Palestine led to hundreds being killed and thousands injured leaving major parts of cities destroyed. It's usually during the aftermath where the spotlight is taken off and the civilians are left to essentially fend for themselves and rebuild their home

This year we have seen protests across the globe for governments to stand up against Israel who has broken countless International Laws. Earlier this year we were part of the biggest Pro-Palestinian march in British history in our hometown London more than 200,000 people protested against the war crimes that Israel has committed. Making it the largest Pro-Palestinian march in BRITISH HISTORY! 👏

At ZEMK Care | London our core value is CARE, caring for others as well as ourselves. So we wanted to do our part in this helpless situation.

We believe every life matters and everyone should be able to have a home and live without fear of it being taken away.


This Waterfall Bloom scent is a fresh, ozonic floral fragrance where cool marine notes and sea salt are intertwined with nuances of coconut.

Top Notes: Sea salt, Coconut & Aldehydes

Middle Notes: Lily, Freesia, Jasmine & Rose

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk & Amber

 All profits from the FreePalestine range will be donated to Unicef.

With any conflict, children suffer first and most and with 40% of Palestine population being children, it made sense proceeds should go towards UNICEF's efforts across the regions. 

UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. Across more than 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, to build a better world for everyone.

Available as Wax melts & as a Diffuser*

Why ZEMK Care Products?

All our candles are vegan friendly, made sustainably, cruelty-free, hand poured in Docklands and zero-waste guaranteed! We use the most premium soy wax on the market resulting in a clean burn, incredible scent retention and most importantly longevity. Who doesn't love long lasting candles!  

Our wax melts echo the above and in addition each bar lasts up to an incredible 100hrs! The scent has more of a presence than a candle as it can hold more fragrance, perfect for all melt lovers.

All our diffusers are vegan friendly, made sustainably, cruelty-free, hand poured in Docklands and lasts up to 6+ months!

You haven't experienced home fragrance till you've had a ZEMK product, go on give us a try..Plus every purchase made, will give back to Neurological charities

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