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The Goodnight Trio

£60.00 £91.00

Are you looking for a better night’s sleep? Because we believe self-care starts with a good night's sleep.

At ZEMK Care | London we are on a mission to help people around the world get quality sleep. We want to create a world of better sleepers, helping you own your nights and to make every hour count.

After 15 months of being in development, the Goodnight scents have been carefully developed and blended by British experts to create the maximum and soothing aroma that promotes a better night’s rest.

The Goodnight Trio includes the new Sleep & Dream Journal plus both the Lavender & Chamomile Candle and Lavender & Lovage Pillow Mist that helps you drift off to sleep and leave the daily stresses behind.

Accompanied with our luxurious signature gift bag!

It is not that often exciting things can happen at bedtime...

Why ZEMK Care Products?

All our candles are vegan friendly, made sustainably, cruelty-free, hand poured in Docklands and zero-waste guaranteed! We use the most premium soy wax on the market resulting in a clean burn, incredible scent retention and most importantly longevity. Who doesn't love long lasting candles!  

Our wax melts echo the above and in addition each bar lasts up to an incredible 100hrs! The scent has more of a presence than a candle as it can hold more fragrance, perfect for all melt lovers.

All our diffusers are vegan friendly, made sustainably, cruelty-free, hand poured in Docklands and lasts up to 6+ months!

You haven't experienced home fragrance till you've had a ZEMK product, go on give us a try..Plus every purchase made, will give back to Neurological charities

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Khadijah Islam
Love this!

The spray has helped my sleeping pattern so much. I love it! I only spray a few times and I fall asleep within 30 mins when it used to take me 1-2 hours. So happy with this product

The best duo I have come across!!!!

I've not come across a candle or a pillow mist like this before. I'm not a big fan of lavendar but these scents are the most dreamiest and have helped me relax.
In the past I've used other pillow sprays such as Neom, This Works and others alike and they were just too potent and gave me a headache.
I cannot believe the difference this has made to my sleep! I will only be using ZEMK's goodnight range from now on.

Katie Phillips
I am in love with the goodnight scent

Just having the candle out in the room fills the air with fragrance. And it's lavender but not as you'd imagine. It's a way more complex scenet which smells luxurious.

Ive been putting a spritz of the spray on my pj top as well as my pillow and my husband is hooked now, too.

I can't say if it makes me sleep better or not yet, but it makes bedtime feel like a real treat - which is a brekathrough for a terrible sleeper like me.