ZEMK's Story

Hello! My name is Zann, the founder of ZEMK Care | London. Based a stones throw away from the heart of Docklands in East London, I am an Analyst by day (experienced in industries like Social Care, Construction) and currently in Biotech specialising in Neuroscience. My experience in each of these areas has really shown me the importance of self-care and taking care of your mind.

Self-care is about taking the time, for yourself, nurturing your mind just as much as you nurture your body. We want everyone to recognise the power of self-care and understand that every single life matters.

Like many start-ups and small businesses, ZEMK Care | London was born in the pandemic. Since the first lockdown, what became apparent was the lack of self care we all instilled in our lives as the pandemic had just started; the fear of the unknown was at an all time high. With the world coming to a halt and time being on our side, I found myself in a unique position to look within and ready to navigate a new path...I decided to take the plunge, and using the knowledge I had gained to create a business with a very small team, that helps others to take care of their minds and bringing zen into their everyday lives, all whilst being Earth Conscious.

Giving back became part of my core being, a pillar in my faith and now a fundamental in ZEMK Care | London. It was important for me to create a brand that has a domino effect on self-care & caring for others. Being brought up in an entrepreneurial & generous household it was my turn to pass it on and help others. So I decided to partner up with The Brain Charity and become an ambassador for the Brain and Spine FoundationThe Act With Intention pledge is to raise awareness for Neurological diseases across our platforms and to donate 10% of sales to the aforementioned charities.

Through my own practices of using candles for its calming nature, it only made sense to create my own!

Our debut line is The Daily Collection, seven artisan candles that have been hand-crafted using the highest grade of soy wax. Throughout the past year, we have tried and tested various techniques to create durable, luxurious candles which retain outstanding scent throw to be enjoyed daily. Our premium essential scent blends are an absolute treat for your senses!

Each one of our collections has been researched & created to help you switch off from the daily stresses, aiding your well-being & getting a good night’s sleep!

Launching early next year, The Goodnight collection. Which will make you own your nights and make every sleeping hour count!

So unlock the luxury of self-care, by investing in us, you are ultimately investing in you!