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Act With Intention - Our Pledge

We are a self-care brand that believes everything & everyone has a purpose.

We believe every brain matters because every life matters and each one of us has a role to play in guaranteeing that everyone's potential is unleashed, whether for oneself or for others, we all have the ability to make something of ourselves.

Our intention is to run an honest business and use our platform to spread the word about neurological diseases and disorders.

This is why for every product sold,10% of direct sales will be donated to neuro-related charities (unless stated otherwise). Our chosen charities who we will be working closely with are, the incredible The Brain Charity & The Brain and Spine Foundation.


The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their family, friends, and carers. There are hundreds of different neurological conditions, including strokebrain injurydementiacluster headaches, and many rarer ones too. The Brain Charity's mission is to enable all those affected by neurological conditions to live longer, healthier, happier lives. To fight together for an inclusive and just society: a world where stigma, hardship and isolation are replaced by compassion and understanding.  

The Brain & Spine Foundation is the only UK-wide charity providing information and support for every one of the over 470 neurological disorders which affect 1 in 6 people in the UK. Neurological conditions and associated treatments are often complex and poorly understood by those affected and their families. Many people wait for a long time for diagnosis while living with ongoing symptoms and the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds. The Brain & Spine Foundation exists to provide information, answer questions, reduce anxiety and to inform choices.